An Endodontist Can Save Your Tooth

An endodontist is a dentist that specializes in treating tooth pulp disease. A typical endodontist performs what are known as “root canals.” In some instances a general dentist will do this work but not every root canal is straight forward, this is where a skilled endodontist in Chicago comes in. Typically, an endodontist has received up to three years of additional education to be in a position to practice this specialty.

What happens when you are getting endodontic treatment?

The preparation for a root canal is not a lot different than the preparation for any dental procedure, the first thing the endodontist will do is give you a local anesthetic and then isolate the target tooth by placing a rubber dam around it. The total treatment is three or four stages; the number of visits to the dental office depends on the complexity of your case, it depends to a great extent on the inflammation and infection present.

Although there is no guarantee that the endodontist can save the tooth but the success rate is great, over 95 percent of root canals are successful and the patient goes on to keep the tooth for many years.

Why opt for an endodontist over your general dentist?

Endodontic treatment includes more than root canals, the endodontist in Chicago can be called upon to perform surgical procedures. Any endodontic treatment is extremely detailed, although a dentist may be able to deal with a minor procedure, anything other than that is best done by a specialist practitioner.

The key to a successful root canal is to ensure that all the infection is removed, otherwise a relapse is possible. If your tooth root is oddly shaped or curved there is a risk of leaving infection in the canal. An endodontist have the experience and skills that are necessary to perform the procedure correctly, reducing the risk of failure.

An endodontist in Chicago specializes in performing root canal treatments. If you are faced with this problem you are invited to contact South Loop Dental Specialists.


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