Does Health and Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implant Costs in Chicago?

After visiting the dental office, your dentist may require you to have dental implants inserted. While the answer is a resounding yes, your finances say otherwise. Therefore, you rely on your insurance to cover it. Does your insurance cover dental implants? Is there separate coverage specifically for dental implants?

Double the Insurance?
Luckily, you have health insurance and dental insurance to sort through. Health insurance covers everything in the medical field. However, it may not cover specific ailments or procedures. Dental insurance, which is separate from health insurance, is an optional attachment that is separate or joined with health insurance. Focused on oral health, dental insurance may cover dental implants. The hesitation is dental implants in Chicago are a cosmetic procedure to dental insurance providers, not a major procedure. A dental indemnity plan is most likely to cover dental implants. However, it isn’t a guarantee either.

How to Discover Dental Coverage
Since the answer depends on the insurance provider, the policy/coverage details, and annual limitations, review the policy with the provider. Learn whether the dental implant procedure is in the policy. Then, learn the details. Does it cover bone grafting or anesthesia? Is the crown and metal anchor included? Are out-of-pocket payments mandatory? Does the reason for dental implants matter? These details are crucial. You’ll know what to expect while brainstorming how to fill the gaps. File a claim with insurance providers covering some or all components of dental implants in Chicago. Any coverage by the health or dental insurance company is better than paying it all out-of-pocket. Finances should never stand in the way of oral health.

Never assume your health and dental insurance will cover dental implants. In fact, ask the dental office about payment options to cover dental implant procedures if your insurance won’t cover it.

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