Get an Insight on Dental Crowns in Cary, IL

Dental crowns are covers that are placed on top of damaged teeth. Dental Crowns in Cary, IL are designed to look like natural teeth and are meant to restore the size, shape, color and aesthetics of the smile.

Dental crowns are used to fix a number of dental issues, including the following:

* Strengthening weak or worn teeth

* Repairing cracked, broken, or chipped teeth

* Restoring teeth that are damaged due to decay

* Replacing a dental bridge

* Replace missing teeth

Types of Dental Crowns

Different materials are used to make dental crowns. They include, resin, metal crowns, porcelain, and ceramic.

Metal: They can be designed from gold alloys and other types of alloys, such as chromium or nickel. The only downside of metal crowns is the outright artificial color, which makes them suitable for back teeth. However, metal crowns have numerous benefits.

* Have little wear on the surrounding teeth

* Are resistant to stains and are not vulnerable compared to ceramic crowns

* They are durable


These types of crowns can be custom-made to match the other teeth. The drawback to these crowns is that they cause more wear to the surrounding teeth. They are also likely to chip or break off. The good news is that they have a near natural look to opposing teeth.


These dental crowns are less costly and long lasting. They are subject to wear and are weak compared to metal crowns.

Ceramic or all-porcelain

They are most favored by patients who exhibit allergic reactions when wearing metal crowns. They also offer a natural look, making them suitable for front teeth. The shortcoming of these types of crowns is that they are prone to wear and cause wear to other natural teeth in the mouth.


They are office-made from acrylic or stainless steel. They are designed to give the patient the capacity to chew and eat while permanent crowns are being prepared. If you have damaged teeth that make you feel less confident, you need to consult a dentist to determine if you are a candidate for dental crowns.

Many dentists deal with installing dental crowns in Cary, IL, so make certain to choose the right dentist to help you achieve the best results. At Cary Dental Associates LLC, our team are committed to providing excellent service to patients. Setup an appointment with them.