I Have New Dental Implants, How Do I Maintain My Awesome New Smile in Hackensack?

Congratulations, you live in Hackensack, one of the premiere places for medical procedures of all kinds. Scientific advancements in these modern times for dental implants are more extensive and exceptional than ever. Now that you’re outfitted with a new titanium-based tooth replacement, here’s how to protect your investment and grin it to win it.

You really need to think of your dental plants not as artificial extensions, but as if they are your natural teeth, clean them twice a day just like they told you in grade school! Cleaning your natural teeth and your new implant(s) twice a day ensures they’ll continue to have a long healthy life.

Listen to your dentist if your dental implant(s) need any special care. The best thing you can do is pay close attention to getting the spots behind and around those teeth as best as you can with a soft brush.

Again, this is going to sound like a primer for teeth with no implants, but there you go! The care you get in Hackensack for dental implants is so skilled and advanced, with only a few auxiliary habits specific to implants, it really is mostly hygiene based. Things like coffee, tea, cigarettes, cigars and tobacco are big culprits in staining your teeth, making them yellow and dull. If it stains the carpet, odds are it will stain your teeth. Dental implants can lose their bright white sheen if not cared for adequately.

In addition to brushing, using an alcohol free certified mouthwash recommended or approved by your dentist can get rid of harmful bacteria and acidic compounds that can cause tooth erosion. A water pick is also a great way to fight bacteria, irrigate around the teeth and keep your mouth sparkling clean. A water pick is no substitute for flossing, however. Getting around bridges and bars and implants with good old-fashioned floss can save you lots of trouble.

Acrylic and porcelain are principal elements in dental implants. While fluoride doesn’t damage dental implants, specialty toothpastes (whitening, smokers toothpaste) can cause wear and tear on the specialized surface of your implants, so avoid those.

Finally, get yourself to the nearest Hackensack dentist twice a year to get regular inspections on your implants. While highly unlikely, over time, dental implants can become loose, and they could need adjustment. A qualified dentist needs to verify for you that the implant(s) is in tip top shape and stays in good condition.


Visit Dr. Michael Carunchio to get comprehensive information and a full examination, giving you the right plan of action for dental implants that his Hackensack offices can deliver with quality and care.



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