Teeth Whitening in a Rio Grande Dental’s Office

Teeth whitening is a procedure people can do in an effort to brighten their smile. Although there are home kits available for teeth whitening it is recommended to have Teeth Whitening Rio Grande dentist’s office. There are several risks linked to teeth whitening home kits.

Depending on the person, individuals can experience teeth and/or gum sensitivity to the chemicals in the home kits. If a person has gum sensitivity these home kits can burn the gums, causing the gums to be white for a period of time. It is recommended people with sensitive teeth do not attempt at home whitening kits for this reason.

By having a well trained professional perform a whitening session client’s are able to reap the benefits of a teeth whitening session without as many risks associated with it. Some advantages of Teeth Whitening Rio Grande is in office teeth whitening is the fastest procedure and produces better results, it’s the safest form of teeth whitening, gum and tooth sensitivity is more controllable in dental offices due to the use of thicker peroxide gels and also the use of desensitizers.

Although teeth whitening is generally not covered through insurance, the price of teeth whitening in a dental office is fairly cheap with the average cost being $650. One factor that can not be predicted with either home kits or in office procedures is how white a person’s teeth will become after the session is complete.

In addition, there are specific stains on teeth that are treatable, while there are a few that are not. Some of the stains that are able to be lightened through teeth whitening include aging stains, stains that occur through certain foods, and tobacco related stains. Some stains that do not respond to in office whitening include overexposure to fluoride related stains, and stains related to trauma. If trauma has occurred to a person’s mouth it is recommended to seek the help of an emergency dentist asap.

Teeth Whitening Rio Grande area has many benefits and the overall outcome and experience will far surpass that of any at home teeth whitening kit!