What Are Some of the Benefits of Going to a Family Dentist in Chicago?

Get Fitted for a Custom Night Guard
Night guards are mouth guards designed for patients with bruxism, which means they compulsively grind their teeth while asleep. While occasionally grinding one’s teeth does no harm, doing so repeatedly can damage teeth and even result in tooth loss. Bruxism can also cause sore jaws, headaches, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

The night guard may not stop the actual grinding, but it will prevent the teeth from getting damaged. Night guards often cover only the teeth on the upper jaw, but the dentist can order night guards for both jaws if the patient has braces or otherwise needs a mouth guard for both jaws.

A family dentist in Chicago, IL, will take an impression of the patient’s teeth and send it to a dental lab that will fabricate the night guard. Since the night guard is custom-made, it will provide the patient with more comfort and protection than a store-bought night guard could.

Get Teeth Filled With WaterLase Technology
WaterLase is a technology that uses a combination of water and lasers to cut various tissues, including tooth enamel, without pressure, vibration, or heat. It thus reduces the need for anesthetic and pain medication. It also reduces the chances of swelling and bleeding.

A family dentist in Chicago, IL, will use WaterLase while filling teeth. They can use this technology to treat cavities and remove old and damaged fillings. The dentist will then replace the old fillings with composite fillings that will be the same color as the patient’s teeth.

WaterLase, in fact, makes many procedures painless, so the dentist will not have to administer any anesthesia or use a conventional drill. The patient will also enjoy a shorter recovery time

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