Whiter, Brighter Teeth = Confidence!

Everyone wants straight, white, and bright teeth. Unfortunately, the majority of people are not born with naturally white, straight teeth. Thanks to new dental technology, everyone can have straighter, whiter, brighter teeth if they’re willing to pay the price. The world of cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics allows practically anyone to have straight pearly whites. Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive, but the benefits of whiter, straighter teeth far outweigh the cost of the procedures.

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to improve your overall looks and boost your confidence. There are many different methods you can use to whiten your teeth. One popular method is by using teeth whitening strips. Teeth whitening strips can be purchased at your local retail store or pharmacy, and they whiter teeth within weeks. The effects of whitening strips are gradual and aren’t as vibrant as harsher whitening methods. Dentists also offer professional teeth whitening services. Two popular ways dentists provide teeth whitening is through the use of dental trays and ultraviolet whitening in the office. Dental trays are less expensive, but the results aren’t as significant and the process takes longer; you must have impressions made, and then wear trays twice a day for up to a month to achieve results. A quicker, more expensive way to get whiter teeth is through the use of ultraviolet lighting and whitening gel in your dentist’s office. This treatment produces instant whitening results, and it will whiten your teeth like no other treatment can.

There are a few things you should know before you consider any teeth whitening procedure. Teeth whitening products are developed with harsh chemicals and can cause your teeth to become ultra-sensitive; this is especially true if you already have sensitive teeth. Also, teeth whitening results don’t always last and may need to be repeated in the future. Teeth whitening treatments are expensive and aren’t typically covered by dental insurance plans. It’s also important to remember that teeth whitening treatments will not whiten fillings or crowns you already have on your teeth.

Most people desire a whiter, straighter smile. Thanks to new technology, all of this can be achieved through the use of cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening can be achieved through the use of whitening strips than can be purchased over the counter or you can consult a cosmetic dentist for more in depth, but more expensive, treatment. Cosmetic dentists perform in office whitening treatments as well as take home dental trays. The cost of achieving a pretty white smile can be great, but the benefits greatly outweigh the cost.