A Clean Bill of Health with Dental Exams

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Dental Care

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It’s said that the gateway to health is in the mouth. Doctors have vouched for the fact that the condition of your teeth, gums, and even unpleasant breath could indicate other underlying health concerns. Most people put off oral, health care more than any other part of their body’s care. Little do they know that addressing this part of the body’s care first could in effect put their overall well-being on the fast track to optimum health.

It’s important to recognize the body’s warning signals for overall health. Swollen gums, dry mouth, and mouth ulcers are health guides that something else is going on in the body that merits checking into. Dentists have been saying for years that periodontal disease is a precursor to more serious, systemic conditions such as heart disease and strokes. The gums and mouth often show the signs of diseases such as diabetes, cancers, and kidney disease. Investigating the probable cause of what’s going on in the mouth will certainly lead to its effect. Regular Dental Exams in Mundelein are a part of the investigation and treatment program for sustaining overall, outstanding health.

Processes in the mouth are not isolated or unrelated to the rest of the body; it’s all part of a system that works in synchronization like a fine-tuned automobile. Preventive care in the mouth is like preventive oil and fluid changes in an automobile. Neglect shows up elsewhere in the most vital parts of the car, the engine. In comparison, the engine is likened to internal organs of the body.

Oral or facial pain, such as a throbbing sensation could indicate an infection in the gums. The potential effect of gum infections left untreated is more serious conditions, like heart and heart valve infections known as bacterial endocarditis. Long-term infections can result in the most extreme outcome, damage to the heart. Since digestion begins in the mouth, then any unsuccessful process starting there could lead to digestive disorders elsewhere in the body such as irritable bowel syndrome. Whether through ignorance or neglect, catastrophic effects can be avoided by consulting with a professional.

Dental Exams in Mundelein by a qualified practice such as North Suburban Dental of Mundelein will steer your health in the right direction. Once the preventive dental care for the children and adults in your family is put into place, namely periodontal care, dental cleanings and fillings, then other cosmetics and laser dentistry procedures are worth exploring. You can also visit North Suburban Dental of Mundelein website for more information.

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