A Dentist in Andersonville can Treat Patients with Eating Disorders

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Dentists

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An eating disorder could involve damages to your dental health. You could be at risk of advanced tooth decay if you have a disorder. This is from the lack of food that you might be consuming in your diet. You need to get medical and mental help if you are suffering from a disorder in the Andersonville area. You also have to talk with a dentist in Andersonville to help you out with keeping your teeth from being harmed more than they already have.

The reason why this is so critical is that your tooth could be severely harmed if you suffer from an eating disorder. This comes from not only the absence of food in your diet but also from the pressures that come from consistent vomiting, a common sign of an eating disorder. There are several reasons why you need to get your teeth inspected if you have a disorder:

* You might suffer from frequent dry mouth due to your teeth being unable to handle food the right way.

* Soft tissues around your teeth can become damaged if you don’t have the right nutrition. They could wear away the roots of your teeth.

* The stomach acids that you vomit could cause the enamel around your teeth to wear out faster than normal. Your teeth could also become discolored quickly.

* Your teeth might become sensitive to hot or cold sensations.

A Dentist in Andersonville may assist you with your teeth if you have been hurt by an eating disorder. Your dentist may analyze your teeth and prescribe a restorative treatment like a tooth whitening process or even an enamel reshaping procedure. Sometimes veneers might have to be added to protect the appearance of the teeth. Your dentist might even recommend fillings in some spots.

Your dentist should also talk with you about how to protect your teeth from being damaged any more than they have been. Your dentist may work in conjunction with other people who can assist you with getting over an eating disorder. There are several things that your dentist is going to talk with you about in the process of recovering from a condition:

* Your dentist has to provide you with help on how to handle your teeth by brushing and flossing the right way.

* Sometimes you might suffer from cases of vomiting while recovering from your disorder. You can be advised to rinse your mouth with water and baking soda to keep the acids from damaging your teeth.

* Assistance with handling a healthy diet with your teeth in mind is a necessity.
You should talk with a dentist in Andersonville if you have suffered from an eating disorder and want to get over your problem. An eating disorder can harm your teeth. Your dentist can be one of many people who could help you recover from the damaging effects that come with an eating disorder. This has to be done so your body can be protected the right way.

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