A Teeth Whitening Cedar Knolls Dentist Can Have You Smiling in No Time

Having a beautiful smile is important for positive self-esteem. A smile is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. If you feel confident, the smile you wear will portray that to others. Unfortunately, many people avoid smiling. Discoloration, chips and other imperfections can lead to feeling self-conscious about one’s teeth. Rather than giving up on smiling altogether, a consultation with one of the Teeth Whitening Cedar Knolls dentists may lead to a solution that can help.

Teeth whitening can be a simple fix for people who are unhappy with their smile. By brightening up your teeth, it can make you look years younger. White teeth look healthy and let people know that you take pride in your appearance. Since a first impression is how many people judge you, beautiful teeth can let them know that you’re put together and happy with who you are. In order to get whiter teeth you can try an at-home whitening kit or have a Teeth Whitening Cedar Knolls dentist use a professional procedure on your teeth. At-home bleaching kits or whitening strips are safe and easy to use, but they will only lighten the teeth by about one shade after many applications. For faster more dramatic results, a dentist can whiten teeth many shades in just one visit by using a professional strength bleaching treatment or laser whitening.

Sometimes a person doesn’t smile because their teeth are severely damaged or missing. If this is the case, a Dental implant dentist may have a solution that can get you smiling again. Implants are a restoration process that uses a metal rod (usually made from titanium) which is implanted where the natural tooth root used to be and allowed to heal and bond with a person’s jaw. Once the new screw root has set into place, a new artificial tooth is attached to it. The new tooth looks and acts just just like the patient’s real teeth, and no one will be able to tell that it is not a natural tooth.

Smiling means that you’re happy with who you are. If you’re teeth are holding you back from smiling, then a trip to a Teeth Whitening Cedar Knolls dentist may be in order. There are many ways to brighten teeth through various whitening procedures or through restoration. Correct what’s wrong, then open wide and smile!