About Extraction Services

Tooth Pulling or Extraction Services in Utica would be able to assist their dental patients with any needed dental procedures. Tooth extraction is an extraction also known as exodontia is performed for various reasons. These reasons include tooth decay destroyed the tooth structure ruining the tooth in the process. Extractions focus on removing and treating the problem such as wisdom teeth that grow in and crowds the jaw line.

Dental wisdom teeth extractions occur for two reasons which is because the teeth have become impacted or they have the possibility to become problematic in the future. Infections can occur because food gets stuck behind the wisdom teeth and bacteria grow causing tooth decay. Even with proper oral hygiene with brushing and flossing occurring daily, it is difficult to get rid of food particles stuck behind the wisdom teeth.

Tooth Pulling or Extraction Services in Utica, NY have the ability to perform oral and maxillofacial surgery which treats various diseases, injuries and defects. These issues can occur on the hard and soft tissues of the mouth and the jaw and face regions. This type of surgery specialty is internationally recognized including the United States.

Sometimes permanent teeth are extracted to make space for orthodontic procedures with custom dentures services in Utica. Dental extractions have historically been used to treat many illnesses as a diseased tooth can have dangerous implications. The primary reason for extracting a tooth is either because the tooth is damaged due to tooth decay or breakage. Surgical tooth extractions require an incision to remove the tooth. Sometimes the tooth is split into various pieces to make the removal easier to handle. Tooth pulling or extraction services in Utica, NY completes these extractions under local anesthesia.

Several complications that can occur include:

Infections – The dentist may prescribe antibiotics if the dentist feels the patient needs it.

Bleeding for over 24 hours – Bleeding of the area can last up to 72 hours after the tooth or teeth have been extracted. Normally bleeding will stop within 8 hours of surgery completion. Gauze compression is normally used to reduce bleeding.

Swelling – this commonly happens when the tooth is surgically removed and both hard and soft tissues have been cut due to the work done.

The extraction area will be red, swollen and tender. The dental patient should purchase easy-to-eat soft foods such as gelatin, pudding, cottage cheese, yogurt, applesauce, canned fruit, and chicken soup.


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