About the Benefits of Lumineers in Murrieta

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Cosmetic Dentistry

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The technology used in the dental world is constantly changing. Today, there are more treatments available than ever before, especially in terms of cosmetic dental care. For instance, if you require veneers to change the look of your teeth, you may want to consider the new treatment called Lumineers in Murrieta. These new veneers can give you the smile you have always wanted quickly and easily.

Fast Treatment

When you choose Lumineers instead of the traditional veneers, you will experience a much faster treatment time. This new procedure only requires you to visit the dentist twice. The first time you see the dentist, he will take impressions of your teeth, which will be used by the laboratory to create the Lumineers that will fit over your teeth. They will be installed on the second visit without having to wait for a long period of time.


Getting veneers used to be a somewhat painful process because the teeth would need to be scraped to ensure the veneers fit properly. Lumineers in Murrieta only require a mild etching to allow the Lumineers to securely adhere to the teeth. There is no anesthetic involved so the recovery time is also less, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful smile without having to suffer through a difficult procedure.

Long Lasting

People who get cosmetic procedures done want to make sure they last for a long period of time. Unless you are going through a procedure, such as teeth whitening, you don’t want to end up having to revisit your dentist often to have the procedure redone. Lumineers are supposed to be a permanent solution that looks as natural as possible. In fact, this procedure is meant to last at least 20 years, allowing you to experience a beautiful smile for a long time. If you require replacements in 20 years, the procedure is fast and easy so you don’t need to fear having it redone if necessary.

Taking advantage of the latest dental technology will allow you to experience the beautiful smile you have always wanted without the same pain and length of treatment it used to require. Lumineers in Murrieta are a great alternative to the traditional veneers. This procedure changes the look of your teeth quickly with less pain than veneers. The best part is the Lumineers are designed to last for many years so you don’t have to worry about fixing your smile again in the near future.

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