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by | Mar 29, 2013 | Cosmetic Dentistry

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Temporomandibular joint syndrome, more commonly known as TMJ, refers to pain that is experienced in the jaw joint. This is an affliction that affects a large population of people and can cause a wide range of medical problems. If you live in York, PA and you are experiencing pain in your jaw, than you may be suffering from TMJ and you should immediately seek TMJ Treatment York PA.

In order to help you determine whether or not you are suffering from TMJ and require TMJ treatment in York, PA, here is a more detailed look at this common oral syndrome.

What Exactly is the Temporomandibular Joint?
The temporomandibular joint is the joint that connects the upper and lower jaw. This joint is used to control the movement of the jaw. It is used to open and close the mouth, as well as for chewing.

What Exactly is TMJ?
TMJ is a muscle disorder that affects the temporomandibular joint of the jaw. This disorder can cause severe pain in this joint. It can also cause pain in the surrounding areas, including the neck, shoulders and ears.

What are the Symptoms of TMJ?
There are several symptoms associated with TMJ. They include:
1. Pain in the jaw, face, neck, shoulders and/or ear.
2. Difficulty opening and closing the jaw.
3. A clicking or popping sound in the jaw.
4. Difficulty with chewing.

What Causes TMJ?
The reason for TMJ Treatment is not exactly known. It is believed, however, that grinding the teeth, clenching the jaw and putting too much stress on this joint leads to this disorder.

How is TMJ Diagnosed
If you are suffering from one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms, then there is a chance that you are suffering from TMJ. In order to diagnose the problem, your dentist will fully examine your temporomandibular joint. This will include listening for clicking and popping, assessing your pain and might even order an X-ray of the area.

How is TMJ Treated?
There are a wide range of treatment options for this disorder. They type of treatment you receive will depend on the extent of the disorder. In mild cases, you will likely be instructed to treat the disorder yourself with hot and cold compresses, by eating soft foods and by taking pain relievers. In more extreme cases, you may require various types of therapy, such as ultrasound or radio wave therapy. In the most extreme cases of TMJ, surgery may even be required.

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, there are several TMJ treatment options in York, PA. Don’t delay treating the problem.
Beaudry Oral and Maxillofocacial Surgery offers exceptional TMJ treatment options in York, PA. If you are experiencing TMJ disorder, visit Beaudryoms.com/ to learn more.

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