Advantages of Invisalign in Annapolis

    1. When people have certain orthodontic conditions, such as crooked teeth or spaces between teeth, they need braces to correct the problems. Until recent years, braces were made from metal, and there was no hiding the fact that they were being worn. Wearing metal braces can make people extremely self-conscious, and many don’t get the dental work the need because they dread having to wear braces. Today, there are braces that are nearly invisible, and can be removed at any time, unlike traditional metal braces. These are created from impressions that are made of the patient’s mouth, and can correct dental issues just like traditional braces, often in a shorter period of time.

Many people opt for Invisalign in Annapolis because they are more comfortable and look better than metal braces. They are worn for 20 to 22 hours each day, and are replaced every couple of weeks. Each set is a little bit different, so they gradually align the teeth. They are more comfortable than metal braces, and there is no irritation to the gums and tongue. They also don’t need to be used for nearly as long. Where traditional braces often need to be worn for anywhere from three or more years, those who wear Invisalign in Annapolis often only need to wear their braces for a year to 18 months.

There are many advantages to having Invisalign braces. For instance, they are clear, and nearly invisible, so they are barely noticeable. They are a lot more comfortable than traditional metal braces, and they are easy to take out and put in. This means that they can be removed if the wearer has a special event to go to. They only need to be cleaned once daily, and because there are no wires to work around, they are extremely easy to clean, so oral hygiene is greatly improved. They can be removed for meals and brushing teeth, and there is less of a chance of getting a cavity with Invisalign in Annapolis than with metal braces, since food doesn’t get stuck in these braces. Visit the site for more information.