Are You A Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

by | Dec 13, 2012 | Dental Care

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Over time, teeth can weaken and start to decay. Even those who take good care of their teeth have the potential of losing one or more adult teeth. Taking proper care of your teeth can delay and even prevent this process. But proper dental hygiene does not always guarantee that you will never lose an adult tooth. Sometimes accidents happen that cause you to lose an adult tooth. If you have lost one or more adult teeth you may want to consider getting dental implants in Greenwood Indiana. Dental implants are like real teeth in that they work like a root, being placed in the same area of your gum as a real tooth. Your dentist then places a crown or a denture over the implant so that it looks and works like your original tooth.

You are a good candidate for dental implants in Greenwood Indiana if you have lost one or more of your adult teeth. Perhaps you were driving in a car and you got into an accident that knocked out some of your front teeth. Dental implants may be a good option for the replacement of your teeth. Maybe one of your teeth became infected and as a result it fell out. Your dentist may recommend that you get dental implants. Whatever reason you are missing teeth, dental implants are one option for replacing the teeth you have lost.

To be a good candidate for dental implants you must have good health. For any medical procedure being in good health enhances the chances that dental implants will be successful. Some people with certain health conditions can still have dental implants. Talk with your dentist to see if any health condition you may have could put you at risk when getting dental implants in Greenwood Indiana. Your dentist will help you know if the procedure is safe for you.

With the loss of a tooth, loss of the bone that supported the tooth can occur. This is because over time the bone that supported the lost tooth can become absorbed into your body. If it has been a while since you lost your tooth, you may have to have something called a bone graft. A bone graft will re-build the supporting bone that was absorbed into your body and create a structure on which to lay your dental implants in Greenwood Indiana.

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