Avoiding Needing Dental Implants in Elk Grove Village

If you’re worried about needing Dental Implants in Elk Grove Village, you’re not alone. Tooth decay is, unfortunately, a common problem. However, there are many ways to prevent this dental disease. By watching what you eat, and therefore what comes into contact with your pearly white choppers, you can stop tooth decay in its tracks in a natural and healthy way! Here are a few tips and tricks to keep you out of that dentist’s chair (aside from your annual checkup, of course).

First, as every pediatric dentist will tell you, it’s important to limit your intake of sugar and processed flours. Not just a health issue, consumption of these items can be a dental issue as well. Sugar can partner with a plaque and make your tooth enamel weaker, making decay more likely to occur. In fact, this common ingredient can be waging war against your teeth for up to twenty minutes after eating it! That’s one reason why it is imperative to brush right after enjoying a sugary snack. Also, you should steer clear of fizzy drinks like soda when possible. The carbonation in cola or seltzer can wear away tooth enamel, again exposing your teeth to decay. If it gets bad enough, it could even wear down enough to cause someone to need a root canal! Finally, don’t think that switching that Coca-Cola for fruit juice will help. Fruit juice is oftentimes also high in sugar!

So, what should you eat? As with many other health-related diets, stick to whole grains, calcium-rich products, fruits, vegetables, and fiber-rich munchies. Whole grains can provide a wide range of helpful vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, magnesium, and iron to keep your gums and teeth strong and healthy. Dairy products are great for your teeth, especially those of growing children. So drink that fat-free milk and eat that low-fat yogurt! Fruits and veggies are especially great because the fiber keeps your saliva flowing, which can aid in producing mineral defenses against decay. By following a diet rich in the aforementioned food groups and avoiding sugars, you can prevent needing Dental Implants in Elk Grove Village down the road.

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