Bad breath therapy

by | Nov 14, 2011 | Dental Care, Dentists

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For many people halitosis isn’t just a morning problem. It is an everyday nightmare. Acute halitosis can be devastating if not treated. Halitosis is a condition in which the afflicted person emanates unpleasant odors while exhaling. A person with halitosis tends to suffer from low self esteem and a decreased social life.

Types of remedies

We possess a lot more know how about the causes of halitosis now. Remedies can be divided into two sections. The method of treatment for the first one involves simply smothering the unpleasant odors with a stronger but pleasant odor. The second one targets the bacteria causing the foul odor, leaving all the other protective microorganisms in the mouth untouched.


The very first anti-bacterial ingredient used in bad breath therapy was chlorhexidine. Foul odor causing bacteria live at the back of the tongue. They emit sulphur compounds as part of their daily cycle. Chlorhexidine kills these bacteria. However they do not kill all of them. A person suffering from halitosis has to maintain regular treatment sessions to stay ahead of the bacteria’s sulphur cycle.

Introducing oxygen

As of today there is a new trend in treating bad breath. Some treatments deliver oxygen to the back of the mouth. The bacteria thrive in an oxygen-free environment. So introducing oxygen disrupts their anaerobic environment, and the bacteria are killed. As it is with chlorhexidine, this treatment has to be continued over time. The onus in this treatment lies in preventing the growth of the bacteria rather than killing off the ones already present.

Today, a new trend in bad breath therapy is bringing us a collection of natural approaches to killing off halitosis bacteria. Some of these approaches deliver oxygen to the back of the mouth so that the anaerobic environment there is disrupted, and the bacteria are unable to live. Again, this bad breath treatment has to be maintained over the long term, but it is appealing in that it prevents the bacteria from growing in the first place, rather than killing the ones that are already present.

Bad Breath Therapy

Bad Breath Therapy

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