Bone Loss of Periodontitis: How an Emergency Dentist in Toms River Deals With It

An Emergency Dentist in Toms River can solve plenty of dental issues. Periodontics, which is the study and treatment of gum disease, is something that every Emergency Dentist sees on a regular basis. This issue is caused by a number of things, but mainly is due to poor oral hygiene. Below is a step-by-step breakdown of how periodontal disease tears apart your oral health.

The bone atrophies with a well-positioned tooth. This occurs by having continuing adequate tissue becoming inflamed. At first, it may not be noticeable. It can only be detected by detailed observation and the depth of periodontal pockets around the teeth. With periodontal disease, the depth of the periodontal pocket increases with time. The disease can be covered by the gum tissue, causing it to appear normal, while the bone continues to atrophy. If you visit your emergency dentist in Toms River, there is still time enough to save the tooth and prevent further damage.

Bone loss continues as in the case of disuse atrophy. The teeth may fall out of the mouth at this point. Due to the accelerated formation of periodontal pockets, the disease progresses faster and faster. Eventually, the teeth lack the bony support and infection sets in. Any surrounding teeth that have not fell out must be extracted or in some cases fall out. If you do not seek dental care, you may lose all your teeth.

If the process is allowed to continue to severe levels, the bone can heal with an irregular surface and be very painful. Occasionally the gum will smooth over the final stages of atrophy will occur in the jaw bone. If you wait for the teeth to fall out and allow the bone loss to continue, it may become difficult and uncomfortable to wear a prosthesis because there is very little bone on which to place a limited number of dental implants. Even your local Emergency Dentist in Toms River will not be able to help at this point.

In this case, it’s possible that you can be provided with a removable type implant. You should compare the benefits of a fixed prosthesis if the teeth are extracted in the initial stages of the disease, with the option of having to wear a removable prosthesis if the teeth are removed or fall out in the late stages of the disease.Visit : Lakewood Family Dental Assoc