Changing the smile with New York Implant Dentistry

The teeth are an important part of our overall health and appearance. Many issues can arise from poorly taken care of teeth. On top of that, great teeth can make or break a first impression when people first meet us. While not everyone is born with perfect teeth, cosmetic dentistry is here to help us achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Dentists website can do a number of different procedures to help patients keep beautiful smiles for years to come.

One procedure that can completely change the look of a person’s smile is dental implants. New York Implant Dentistry works by installing new false teeth to replace decayed or unsightly teeth. Throughout the years, people may loose or extract teeth. The teeth are exposed to a lot depending on a person’s lifestyle. While dentists will work to save existing teeth, extraction may be the best solution. Dentists can install implants to restore the appearance of smiles, resulting in a uniform and beautiful appearance.

Dentists will first examine the teeth to determine if implants are a good solution. They will examine tissues and may even perform an X-ray. Most dental implants are anchored to the jaw bone. It’s important to determine if the jaw bones are strong enough to hold implants. New York Implant Dentistry utilizes two components to complete the finished implant. The anchor, or fastener, is installed in the jaw bone while the artificial crown is installed onto the fastener.

Dentists will first begin by drilling a small hole into the cavity where the old tooth originally existed. They’ll use great skill to avoid any issues with the jaw bone. The initial hole is then widened to fit the implant fastener. The surrounding gums are secured around the fastener to begin the process of anchoring. The fastener must anchor to the jaw bone in order for the implant to be successful. This can take anywhere from three to six months to occur. After this has occurred, the actual crown implant will be installed to complete the procedure.

A dental implant is a great way to give people new smile they are proud of. Dentists will work to help give patients an implant that blends in with surrounding teeth and gives patients a new smile. Patients of course need to take proper care of their implant to ensure proper healing and great oral health.