Comfortable Treatment

When you have crooked teeth, it can feel embarrassing, but you don’t need to wear metallic braces to repair your dental malocclusions. Today, you can have your teeth straightened with Invisalign in Lakeview, Il. These clear plastic aligners are made for teenagers and adults to wear for six months to one year to fix minor to moderate dental misalignments. By wearing comfortable aligners, you will have less pressure on your teeth, leading to less pain in your jaw. An additional advantage is the ability to remove the aligners while you brush and floss your teeth rather than trying to clean around the wires and brackets.

Less Noticeable

If you are standing near someone else, then she likely won’t notice your aligners when you are cleaning the devices frequently to remove any food debris. In addition, you can remove your aligners for special events such as a party or a business meeting. However, your dentist will recommend wearing Invisalign in Lakeview as much as possible to have faster results. This includes wearing the aligners at night while you are sleeping, but you will perform oral hygiene in the morning to have fresh breath.

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When you wear regular braces, you will have dietary restrictions to avoid dislodging the brackets or breaking the wires, but you don’t have to avoid sticky or hard foods while wearing Invisalign in Lakeview. You can remove the aligners, so as long as you brush and floss after eating before inserting your aligners, your dental health isn’t at risk. This means that you can occasionally have a splurge while eating at a restaurant by eating foods such as popcorn or caramels. To learn more about treatment with clear aligners, you can contact Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park  and visit our website.


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