Common Cosmetic Options Offered by an Emergency Dentist in Rio Grande

Cosmetic dentistry is an option given to anyone who would like to improve the appearance of his or her gums, teeth or bite. These include people with crooked, misaligned, crowded, loose or stained teeth. However, when your dental health is at risk due to injuries or other forms of dental emergencies, it is advisable that you seek the help of an Emergency Dentist in Rio Grande. If un-attended, your injuries can severely compromise your oral cavity’s health. To correct the damage done, your dentist is likely to use one of the cosmetic dentistry options listed below and give you your winning smile back.


Bonding involves gluing an enamel-like dental composite to the tooth using a special dental adhesive. Bonding results are permanent and are not reversible. With a qualified professional emergency dentist, the bonded teeth should be able to match the rest of your original teeth.

Teeth re-shaping

Teeth re-shaping is a common method of Emergency Cosmetic Dentist in Rio Grande. It is commonly used when someone has crooked or chipped teeth. To improve the tooth or teeth, part of the enamel is removed. This process does not take long for results to be noticed. In some circumstances, your doctor might recommend teeth re-shaping instead of having you use braces. The removed enamel is however not replaceable once removed.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are artificial teeth that fill in spaces where your teeth are missing or knocked out. Bridges are held in place by crowns, which are placed on either side of the false tooth/teeth.

Gum lifting

Gum lifting is a method used to align the gum line and lift it. It is achieved by reshaping the underlying bones and gum tissue through minor surgery.

Through use of any of the above cosmetic dental procedures, your doctor will be able to correct any anomalies created by your injuries, and you will have nothing to frown about you. You can rest assured that once the treatments are over, your teeth and mouth will be back to normal, and you will be all smiling again. Most of the procedures require you visiting your Emergency Dentist in Rio Grande severally.

For more on dentistry procedures offered during emergencies, meet an Emergency Dentist in Rio Grande, and you will be advised on the options available for you. For more information, click here