Complete Your Smile With a Dental Bridge in Midway

Missing teeth lead people to feel embarrassed about their smile. No one wants to smile and have a gap where a missing tooth once was. Instead of having an incomplete smile, individuals can see their dental crown chicago. Dental bridges replace missing teeth and bridge the gaps, so the smile is complete. Knowing what to expect from the process will help patients to be prepared.

What Happens When the Dentist Places a Bridge?

Before a patient receives a dental bridge in Midway, their smile will need to be examined. The dentist will carefully check the health of the patient’s teeth and gums to see if they are a good candidate. Good candidates for dental bridges are those who have healthy gum tissue and no primary decay in their teeth.

The dentist will first need to make an impression of the teeth so the dental bridge can be created. A dental bridge consists of two crowns that cover the teeth that surround the missing tooth. A prosthetic tooth fills in the gap of the missing tooth, so the patient’s smile is made complete.

What Should Patients Know About Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge will last about fifteen years, as long as it is adequately maintained. Maintenance involves seeing the dentist a couple of times a year and proper brushing and flossing of the teeth. With proper care, a dental bridge will last for many years, allowing individuals to regain their confidence and their full ability to chew their food.

It is essential individuals do not chew on hard foods that could cause damage to the bridge. Munching on ice or hard candy can cause cracks and other types of damage to the bridge, leading to the need for repairs or replacement.

To learn more about dental bridges and other types of dental work, visit Chicago Dental Solution. With dental bridges, you will be able to overcome missing teeth. Call the office right away so a consultation appointment may be scheduled. They offer a wide array of dental services to help patients keep healthy and beautiful smiles for life.