Dentists in Beaumont, TX Can Provide Preventative and Emergency Care

Most people know that having their teeth cleaned twice a year prevents many expensive dental problems. It also gives dentists in Beaumont, TX a chance to screen them for oral cancer. As people age, their immune systems weaken and this leaves them open to gum disease. This can cause damage not only the teeth but the jawbone as well. Finding it early allows the dentist to more easily treat it. It often isn’t necessary for the patient to be treated by a periodontist. Patients who have experienced gum disease often have to see the dentist every four months for additional cleanings to prevent it from returning.

Even with good preventative care, emergency dental problems can arise. Accidents can knock out teeth and leave wounds that need to be treated immediately. If the office is open, the staff will make room in the schedule to see the patient that day. If it is during the night, patients can call emergency lines to reach the dentists at Business Name. They are committed to giving their patients dental care when it is needed. The dentists can quickly extract a tooth if necessary. They use powerful anesthetics to prevent the patient from feeling any pain during the procedure. They can also reassure the patient that a dental implant and crown can replace the tooth within the next few months.

Acute dental pain is often caused by an infection that has spread from the top portion of the tooth into the root area. This part of the jawbone has many nerve endings. This is why an infected root is so painful. If the root hasn’t cracked or abscessed, the dentists in Beaumont, TX can perform a root canal to save the tooth. They will use long wires to clean out the root area. It is then packed with a medicated temporary filling. The doctor may also prescribe antibiotics to further reduce the level of infection. When the patient returns in about 10 days, the dentist makes sure that there is no infection. They then insert a permanent filling. Often the top of the tooth has been damaged by decay as well and requires a crown to protect it. The root canal and crown should last for several decades.