Dentures Clearwater


Everyone wants to have a beautiful and functional set of teeth. Unfortunately, there are various different things that can happen that can take this away. Whether you are dealing with an illness or infection that has led to serious tooth decay, or an injury or trauma that is led to the breaking or loss of teeth, you may not have the full set of teeth that you desire. This can drastically impact how you feel about yourself, and your quality of life as you are unable to enjoy the foods that you once did and may be resistant to social activities. If you are dealing with broken, decayed or loss teeth, it may be time to start considering dentures. Clearwater dentists want you to understand the dentures aren’t the way that they used to be. No longer are they clunky and awkward pieces that don’t seem to fit in your mouth and will end up painful and unattractive. With new technology and artistic skill in the field of dentures, Clearwater dentists are able to provide patients with natural-looking and fully functional dentures quickly and easily.

If you are considering dentures, Clearwater dentists will first want to evaluate your mouth to determine if there is any decay or infection present. This is because such problems will need to be resolved prior to that dentures being fitted in order to ensure not only the best fit for the dentures, but also that your oral health and overall physical health are being addressed properly. If you do have teeth that are badly decayed, broken or otherwise infected, your Clearwater dentists may recommend that these teeth are extracted. It is generally much simpler to simply remove the tooth that has become infected or badly damaged rather than attempt to fix it when you are simply getting dentures anyway.

Once your mouth has healed from any procedures that have been done, your dentist can fit your mouth for dentures that will fit comfortably and look natural. They may seem strange at first, but rest assured that you will eventually get used to your dentures and be thrilled not only with the way that you look, but also your ability to enjoy foods that you haven’t for quite some time. Another option may be dental implants, but you should be aware that not all people are eligible for implants and this is a much more costly and extensive procedure.

Get complete dentures service at Clearwater with Dr. Nadia O’Neal who has spent 20 years in her NuSmile Dentistry providing a comprehensive menu of dental services to a variety of patients.