Different types of dentistry and the basics of their practices

Just like doctors specialize in certain areas of medicine Dentists can specialize in certain types of dentistry areas. There are many more areas of dentistry than you would expect. Although most dentists will do all different types of procedures in a very wide array of dental practices it is still good to know the different types of dentists there are and what exactly it is that they do.

General dentistry

Also know as your family dentist would normally provide cleaning and examinations in his building of practice. These types of dentists also normally provide a walk in clinic or an Emergency Dentist Norwood there practice. This type of dentist diagnosis any problems you may have in your mouth and will then set up a treatment plan either providing the treatment himself or referring you to a specialist in the field of dentistry that specializes in whatever treatment you need. Normally family Dentist will do fillings for any cavities he encounters but other than that think of this dentist as your first step in treatment.

Oral Surgeon

Your family dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon if you need extractions of wisdom teeth, teeth, or teeth that are not easy to pull just using local anestheticlike carbocaine or lidocaine. An oral surgeon has the experience needed to pull many teeth for dentures or to surgically remove wisdom teeth that have not yet came through the gums and need removal.


An orthodontist provides treatment and services for people who have misaligned teeth, Irregular bite, and bad jaw alignment. An orthodontist is who you would bereferred to if you needed braces or a retainer.


An endodontist provides diagnoses and treatment for the internal components of the teeth including the nerves and tissues. Normally with any mouth pain that a family dentist cannot see the cause of has something to do with this inside of a tooth. The procedure that is most often utilized with this type of treatment is called a root canal. Visit website for more information.


A periodontist is a dentist that specializes in gum and bone diseases. Includingthe diagnosis and treatment of these types of issues.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A cosmetic dentist is someone who takes care of all the procedures that beautify someones mouth for instance, they are a Teeth Whitening Dentist. And would also set up the treatment for veneers or implants.