Erase the Effect of Age and Lifestyle on Your Smile with Teeth Whitening in Howell

Teeth yellow over time. This change comes from aging and lifestyle factors. People may eliminate all nicotine, coffee, soda, and any other known cause of yellowing, but they will still see some change in the color of their teeth. This fact is unavoidable. Some of the staining caused by bad habits and age can be erased through Teeth Whitening Howell. For those with natural teeth and healthy gums, whitening processes can occur either at home or in a dental office.

Treatments for home use are available as over-the-counter treatments and professional treatments procured from a dentist. The treatments available in stores include whitening mouth rinses, whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, and whitening gels. While these treatments work, they do not produce results as quickly or effectively as professional treatments. Risks involved with using these treatments include tooth sensitivity and damage to roots, which may end in a visit to an emergency dentist in Howell. Should one prefer the comfort of an at-home treatment combined with the efficiency and supervision from a professional treatment, at-home professional treatments are available for Teeth Whitening Howell.

Professionals may provide whitening treatments for patients to use in their homes. The patient will receive instruction, evaluation, and supervision from a professional who can provide effective whitening agents and customized whitening trays. The active bleaching agent is generally carbamide peroxide. This type of peroxide has a lower concentration than the active ingredient used during in-office whitening procedures. Patients with gum and teeth sensitivity are generally advised to use this approach because it is gentler. However, if the patient prefers speed and does not have sensitivity problems, an in-office approach works quickly and effectively.

In-office whitening procedures also includes a bleaching agent. However, the bleaching agent is typically highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide which is activated by a specialized lamp, sometimes referred to as a laser. This procedure includes direct dental supervision and gum protection. The process takes less than an hour in most cases; however, the number of procedures required depends on the degree of stain involved. In-office procedures offer the fastest, most effective method of Teeth Whitening Howell.

The many teeth whitening options on the market differ in price, effectiveness, speed, and safety. No matter the method one chooses, teeth whitening processes are not permanent. Staining will occur with time. Avoiding known causes of stain, maintenance whitening treatments, and good oral care will help maintain a brighter smile following whitening procedures.


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