Family Dentistry In Mesa, AZ

When choosing Mesa AZ Family Dentistry there are many things to consider. Does the dentist have continuing education to keep him up to date on the newest procedures? What kind of atmosphere is there at his office? Is it casual or clinical feeling? Do the employees treat each other and the patients with care and genuine interest? It is to be assumed that a dentist’s office will be able to do the basics – teeth cleaning, dental x-rays, cavity filling, crowns, etc. What else should you expect from a dental practice?

Some dentists have taken the extra four to six years of training to become oral surgeons. Oral surgeons do more than just root canals and wisdom teeth extractions. Since they are working with the jaw, it is a good idea to have dental implants done by an oral surgeon. Whether one tooth or a whole mouthful of teeth, dental implants should feel very much like normal teeth. They are tooth shaped with a titanium root that latches onto the jawbone. With time and healing, they fuse with the jaw making them permanent teeth. Oral surgeons also can excise mouth tumors and send them off for biopsy.

Others dentists specialize in teeth whitening or veneers. Teeth whitening is done with an hydrogen peroxide solution put on the teeth and then exposed to very bright light which heats up the hydrogen peroxide and whitens the teeth. Veneers go over the regular teeth and can correct a lot of crooked or stained teeth. Invisalign is also popular. A series of trays you put on your teeth that, as the trays are slowly switched out, move your teeth into more desirable positions, straightening out your smile.

There is also personal chemistry at work. Does your dentist inspire trust? Are his hand sure as they work with your mouth? Does his personality put you at ease? Do his staff command confidence? The dentist that is right for your family is one who can deal well with children as well as fearful adults. You want the right combination of the above skills in your Mesa AZ Family Dentistry.