Get Teeth Whitening in Houston

Do you look in the mirror and think your smile could be just a little brighter? Day-to-day things in life can wear away at enamel or stain it, causing your smile to appear more yellow than white. While this is normal even with good oral hygiene, it may make you feel self-conscious. Teeth whitening in Houston performed by a trusted dentist can help you get that beautiful smile back!

What Makes Teeth Lose Their Shine?

Many factors, even age, can cause tooth discoloration, including coffee, smoking, and harsh chemicals that damage enamel. Most are preventable, or at least something that can be mitigated, while a few others are unavoidable. The good news is teeth whitening in Houston can help.

Teeth Whitening Process

  1. A consultation for teeth whitening in Houston begins with your dentist.
  2. Once they determine you to be a good candidate, you will be settled into the chair and a plastic guide will be placed inside your mouth to move your lips out of the way.
  3. The dentist covers your gums with a gel and then hardens it to protect your teeth from harsh chemicals.
  4. The whitening gel is applied multiple times during the appointment.
  5. A plan is made for you to continue enjoying white teeth.

Why Whiten with a Dentist?

Dentists such as P+E Dental have the experience and technology to make sure that you get evenly whitened teeth every time. Not just that, but products used by a dentist are more likely to be safe and last much longer than at-home whitening kits.