Great Details on Dental Crowns in Salisbury

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Dental Care

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Cracked, chipped, or decayed teeth can present major problems for an individual’s dental health. When left unrepaired, a damaged tooth can rapidly destroy the dental structure and cause gum disease. To restore the functionality of a natural tooth, learn about dental crowns in Salisbury NC. The following details contain helpful information so a dental patient can make a well-informed decision on dental care.

Dental Crown Fundamentals

A dental crown is a covering for the top half of a tooth. This restoration device resembles a natural tooth in shape, size, and durability. These characteristics enable it to perform the functions of a natural tooth. A dental crown is secured in place above the gum line so it covers the visible part of a tooth. However, a dental crown is sometimes extended below the gum line to replace any missing dental structure.

Dental Crown Use

Dental crowns in Salisbury NC are installed for numerous important reasons. A dental crown can be used to secure a bridge. This restoration device also serves to cover a dental implant or discolored tooth. A dentist may install a dental crown to enhance tooth appearance. Weak or damaged teeth are often covered with a dental crown to preserve remaining dental tissue.

Dental Crown Preparation

A dentist performs a thorough examination of a tooth before a dental crown is installed. X-rays and other clinical tests may be used to determine any present damage. The tooth is filed to the correct shape to make it ready for a crown. It may be necessary to use dental material to fill any missing parts of the tooth. A dentist then makes an impression of the chewing surface with putty, paste, or a digital scanner. The impression is used to manufacture the crown. The dentist uses a temporary crown to cover the tooth until the permanent crown is installed at another visit.

A dental crown is one of the most popular dental treatments. This dental care is often covered by insurance and can be provided for a reasonable price. Browse our website for information on dental services. The professionals at this practice strive to offer valued patients comprehensive dental solutions to restore dental health and beautify smiles.

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