Healthy Bites

Most people in Hagerstown, MD will need to visit an Orthodontist at some point. Most frequently, the patients of an Orthodontist will be young people, usually people in their early teens, getting minor problems in the alignment and spacing of their teeth corrected with braces. However, teenagers are not the only people who need to seek out an Orthodontist. An Orthodontist specializes in creating healthy bites, and this means he or she also treats adult patients with more severe problems.

An Orthodontist frequently works with young people, but not just with braces. If a child loses his or her primary teeth too early or too late, they should see an Orthodontist. An Orthodontist can help determine the cause of the problem and solution to prevent complications down the line. An Orthodontist in Hagerstown MD may also determine if a child needs a palate expander before he or she can wear braces. Further, a child who has sucked his or her thumb or fingers may experience spacing problems due to the pressure on the teeth brought on from the habit.

Often, problems with the bite can become more apparent with time. Poorly aligned teeth can lead to pain and difficulty chewing. This can be seriously detrimental to the wellbeing of a patient. In some cases, problems with teeth and jaws can cause difficulty with speech. An Orthodontist should be seen if anyone is experiencing problems with chewing or eating, as the teeth and jaw are often to blame.

An Orthodontist is not limited to fixing problems with just teeth. An Orthodontist can also aid patients who have problems with a recessed or protruding jaw. Under bites, cross bites and overbites can cause pain after prolonged periods of time and have an impact on the beauty and appearance of a smile. Orthodontists may also aid people who have problems with grinding or clenching their teeth. If left untreated these habits can wear down teeth over time, especially if they are repeated overnight, and cause lasting pain.

Orthodontists in Hagerstown, MD treat a variety of problems, not just crooked teeth. An Orthodontist can correct problems with the jaw or more serious underlying problems with teeth and help patients with their quality of life. A healthy smile does not just mean a beautiful smile; it means a smile that is aligned correctly so that there will be no problems with pain or discomfort in chewing and biting later in life. Anyone experiencing discomfort with their jaw should visit an Orthodontist to find out what their treatment options are.