Help Prevent Cavities Through Family Dental Care Service in Mississauga

Preventing cavities can help a person to keep a healthy smile and avoid losing their teeth. Cavity prevention begins at home through brushing and flossing. When brushing is done after each meal and flossing is done at least once a day, a person can go a long way towards avoiding damaging cavities. On top of the care a person gives their teeth at home, they also need to make sure they seek a Family Dental Care Mississauga every six months.

At preventative care appointments, the ultimate goal is to make sure a person’s teeth stay healthy and free of cavities. To prevent cavities, the dentist will make sure the patient’s teeth are properly cleaned. Teeth cleaning is carried out through the dental hygienist who is a professional in oral care practices. Cleaning the teeth removes plaque and tartar, both of which can cause cavities. If these substances are left behind, the acids will eat away at the enamel and begin to invade the inner structures of the tooth.

As a part of the treatment they hygienist uses, a fluoride treatment will be used. Fluoride is a mineral that has been found to be beneficial in helping to strengthen the enamel of the teeth. The enamel is the protective coating that helps to prevent decay from breaking through. This treatment should be carried out every six months to ensure the teeth stay strong and healthy.

When a preventative care appointment is carried out, a patient will first have X-rays taken before seeing the dentist. X-rays allow the dentist to view the inside of the teeth so any problems can be identified. X-rays often allow a dentist to find cavities before they are visible to the naked eye. With prompt treatment, patients can avoid major damages to their teeth.

Through the family dental care service in Mississauga, a person can help to keep their teeth free of cavities and disease. To schedule a consultation appointment for preventative care, contact the office of Caldwell, Bills & Petrilli Dentistry. He and his staff help their patients to keep a beautiful, healthy smile by taking care of any issues promptly and using preventative care services.