How a Dentist Can Whiten Your Smile

If you are looking to have a whiter smile and would like optimal results, you can visit your dentist. Your dentist can either whiten your teeth with a routine cleaning, or they can bleach your teeth to give you a new sparkling smile. Here are the steps of receiving teeth bleaching in Chicago Loop.

Routine Cleaning

First, your dentist will clean your teeth to determine the amount of plaque and stains that need to be removed. If your teeth are nice and white after the cleaning, you might not even need to bleach your teeth. If you do need your teeth bleached, your dentist may also buff your teeth with a cleansing paste before each treatment. Your dentist will then either photograph or document the shade of your teeth before the treatment. Keeping a record of your tooth shade before the procedure will give you an accurate display of how the bleaching is working.

Protecting Your Mouth

The whitening agents that dentists use can be harmful to your gums, tongue and cheeks. So, your dentist will apply dams and gauze in and around your mouth so that only your teeth will be exposed to the whiteners. Your dentist may even use retractors to keep your mouth open wider so your skin won’t be harmed by the whitener.

Beginning the Process

The bleaching agent can then be applied to your teeth, in usually a gel or paste form. The whitener should usually stay on your teeth between an hour and an hour and a half; some dentists may split this time between multiple treatments if needed. Some dentists may even use a laser or special light to activate the whitener, this is harmless although you may feel minor sensitivity. Once the whitener has been on your teeth long enough, it will be removed and your dentist will clean your teeth again. After the cleansing, you can compare your new tooth shade and your preprocedural shade. This comparison is not always entirely accurate because your teeth will lose some of the shade within a few days. It is best to wait a couple of days to determine if the bleaching process was a success or not.

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