How Dentists Use Good Communication to Improve Patient Care in Fort Worth

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Pediatric Dentistry

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Dentist in Fort Worth Texas that accept Medicaid understand the importance of using communication skills daily as they interact with their patients. They want to convey their desired message well and achieve set goals with that communication.

One thing that dentist in Fort Worth Texas that accept Medicaid can do to this end is to maintain eye contact with patients while talking to them. Eye contact is at the heart of good communication. It lets patients know where your attention is. If the dentist is talking to their patient while reviewing the chart, even though it saves time, patients do not feel like they are being heard. A dentist might miss some unspoken signals.

Dentists can also use body language as they communicate with their patients. If patients can see from their dentist’s body language the dentist is actively involved in what the patient is saying, they will feel more at ease. Dentists can do this by angling their body towards the patient, speaking with open arms, and doing other things to keep their body language accessible.

A dentist understands that when patients go to the dental office, they want to be heard, validated, and understood. This means that a dentist may need to be swift about hearing and slow about speaking.

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