How Often Should You See the Dentist In Everett, MA?

by | Feb 26, 2014 | Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dental care is something everyone needs, from the time they cut their first tooth and well beyond their last. If you are not seeing your dentist on a regular basis, you could be putting the health of your teeth and gums at risk. Not only do you need to make sure you see the dentist often, you also need to brush and floss your teeth each day, preferably after each meal. By taking these precautions, you can help to keep your smile healthy and avoid conditions, like cavities and gum disease that can lead to tooth damage and eventual loss. Through the Dentist In Everett, MA, you can keep your smile healthy and looking its best.

Why Is It So Important to See the Dentist Often?

Most dental experts have said for years patients need to see their dentists twice a year. These appointments are typically carried out every six months and include an examination, X-rays and cleaning procedures. Through this preventative care, you can help to prevent cavities and gum disease. Studies have proven those who see their dentists at least this often are able to cut their risks for major oral health concerns dramatically. Through regular dental care, the dentist can find issues when they are just beginning and still very much treatable, so the health of your smile is never put in danger.

Though it has always been said every six months is sufficient for dental visits, recent research now suggests appointments may be needed every three months. Dentists were finding that six months gave too much time for cavities and gum disease to set in. This is especially true for people who are prone to these conditions. To find out how often you need to be seen by the dentist, you need to speak with the Dentist at Dental Clinic in Everett.

To protect your smile from many of the oral health concerns that can cause damage and tooth loss, you need to contact Avenue Dental Care in Everett, MA for an appointment. They have all of the dental procedures you need, to ensure your smile stays healthy.

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