How Periodontists Help Chicago Residents Improve Their Oral Health

A periodontist in Chicago helps people who are dealing with gum disease. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a prevalent issue affecting millions worldwide. It can devastate your oral health and impact your general health if it is not treated quickly.

A regular visit to a periodontist in Chicago is a must for anyone at risk for gum disease. This is because gum disease has an insidious quality to it. When it begins, most people are entirely unaware of its presence. The gums start to swell, red tissue develops, and gum recession leads to tooth loss. Periodontists can restore the health of a person’s mouth, preventing serious long-term issues from developing.

Gum disease does not cure itself. If it is not treated, it will only get worse. As a person’s gums swell, they start to pull away from the teeth. This leads to the creation of periodontal pockets. These pockets are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that affect the gumline. As the pockets get more profound, the bacteria affect the jawbone. Eventually, the bone starts to weaken, teeth become loose, and gum disease morphs into tooth loss.

Thankfully, there are several steps that a periodontist can take to help their patients address gum disease, including periodontal maintenance, scaling, dental implants, and tissue grafting.

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