Important Questions To Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist In Chicago

Once you’ve found the right cosmetic dentist for you, the next step is ensuring that you are prepared for your next appointment. Many people find that they are so nervous and worked up about visiting the dentist, even for a cosmetic procedure, that they forget to obtain the information they need to be ready for the next or upcoming appointment. Here are a few important questions to ask your cosmetic dentist in Chicago, to ensure that you are well prepared.

Do You Practice Sedation Dentistry?

If you don’t suffer from dental anxiety, you can skip this question. If, however, you do find that you dread your upcoming dental visits or that you suffer from extreme anxiety while in the chair, ask your dentist about what you can do to make the visit go more smoothly. Some cosmetic dentists practice sedation dentistry, where they will put you under while working on your teeth. Other dentists prefer to keep their patients awake, but will recommend anti-anxiety medication or other relaxation techniques. Asking about this can help you feel better about your visit, and may even help give you a way to deal with the appointment much better than you could on your own.

What Are The Acceptable Payment Methods?

This is an important question to ask but is often overlooked until you are ready to leave the office. After having a dental procedure done, you may not be in the right frame of mind to deal with payment methods, so take some time and ask this question ahead of time. In some cases, the clinic may be able to work with your insurance company directly, while in others you may be able to prepay for the procedure. Giving them your credit card information or paying in advance is a great way to be sure that you can focus solely on your own recovery rather than worrying about payment after your procedure is completed.

What Should Be Done Before The Next Appointment?

Each clinic may have their own procedures and recommendations, so ask about what you can do to be prepared for your next visit. You may be asked to brush a certain number of times per day, to avoid certain foods, or to ensure that you take specific medication in order to be prepared for your cosmetic procedure or follow up appointment. Don’t be afraid to ask the dentist to write this information down if you are concerned you may forget before your next visit.