Installed and Maintained Braces in Weatherford, TX

Teeth have the ability to arrange themselves so that they have the most room to grow. Because children are born with a set of teeth that pave the path for the adult teeth, it is important that the first teeth grow into the designated areas properly. When visiting the dentist as a child, the doctor is able to predict how the adult teeth will grow and make adjustments where necessary. One of the most used options for correcting teeth placement is to haven an Orthodontist (Dentist specialty that is an expert in teeth alignment) install braces.

Braces are pieces of wire that are tightly aligned with your teeth and stop the teeth from moving away from the area where they should grow into. Braces are held firmly with the teeth by brackets installed on the back teeth of each side of the mouth. The teeth are thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and dried. Then, smaller metal brackets are glued to the middle of each tooth. A thin wire is then thread through each of the brackets and secured on the bracket located at the back teeth. A specialized rubber band is then placed over each wire that was previously threaded through the brackets on each tooth. The wire is then tightened at the back teeth. Installation usually takes less than an hour.

Maintenance of the braces requires: examination, re-adjustment, removal for cleaning and re-installation. Each person that wears braces wears them at different lengths of time because teeth growth patterns vary for each person. Usually, braces are only needed for two years. Some extreme cases require braces for three years or more. The Orthodontist will be able to predict how long the braces should remain and what kind of braces are needed. Some of the options may include: retainers, head gear, top teeth braces, bottom teeth only braces, behind the teeth braces or standard braces. If you are concerned with your teeth and think you may need brace in Weatherford TX, you can contact to learn more about your options. You can also request a consultation with one of the board certified Orthodontists that specializes in Braces in Weatherford, TX.