Is It Time for Braces? What a Children Dentist Will Tell the Parents

One of the more common methods of making sure the teeth are strong and straight is to make use of braces while the patient is still a child. Once the permanent teeth are in, parents may wonder if braces would help. The only way to be sure is to schedule an appointment with a children’s dentist near Lockport and listen to the recommendations. Here is what the dentist is likely to say.

Finding Crowded Teeth

In some instances, the children’s dentist near Lockport will recommend not going with braces at the moment. That’s because the examination led to the discovery of a molar that is crowding out the surrounding teeth. If the molar remains in place, it will eventually cause the other teeth to lean rather than remain straight. The best approach is to arrange for the extraction and then monitor the situation over the next several months. If the remaining teeth fill in the gap nicely and are straight, there will be no need for braces.

Discussing Options for Braces

If the dentist does recommend braces, there is more than one type to consider. Traditional metal braces that need to be adjusted from time to time remain one of the most practical solutions. One of the drawbacks is that the braces are so easy for everyone to see. A child who is self-conscious about wearing them may balk and try to use every opportunity to get rid of them.

Keep in mind that some brace designs will provide the same results but are less visible. That includes designs where most of the hardware is placed on the backside of the teeth. There are still some portions that are visible from the front, but the overall visual impact is much less. Like those traditional braces, the child will still need to go in for regular checkups and adjustments. That process will continue until the teeth are straight and the time to remove the braces arrives.

Correcting dental issues before reaching adulthood is a smart move. The team at Chicago kiDDS Pediatric Dentistry will arrange for a full exam. If there is a need for braces, it will be easy to discuss the options and find the one that offers the broadest range of benefits. They understand that positive experiences with a dentist early on in a child’s life are vital to shaping their feelings about visiting a dentist regularly. They aim to make all patients feel at ease, from nervous teenagers to teething infants. For an appointment, visit their website or contact them today.