Issues That Might Necessitate the Right Emergency Dentist Cliffwood Offers

by | May 24, 2013 | Cosmetic Dentistry

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Almost every person has dealt with the inevitable procrastination of putting off their recommended yearly dental visit. The more frequently a person visits their dentist the better chance for preventative maintenance, but in some situations a trip to the Emergency Dentist Cliffwood offers is a necessity. Here are some prime examples of issues that make prolonging a dental visit virtually impossible.


In some instances a toothache is a natural occurrence in which the pain will go away with time. If the pain persists or becomes too much to bare, a same day emergency dental trip is a necessity. The qualified dental professional will examine the area and provide a treatment such as an antibiotic, a filling, or in some cases a root canal.

Chipped Tooth

Chipped teeth not only have negative cosmetic value, they can also be painful and be damaged more thoroughly without a emergency dentist Cliffwood visit. When a person bites down on something hard or takes a blow to the face there is a good possibility that the tooth can chip and break off. Repair can include a bonding procedure or crowning the tooth if it’s not easily visible.

Pain in Gums or Jaws

Emergency dentist Cliffwood technicians can identify a number of issues within the mouth including those that aren’t strictly dealing with the teeth. The gums are especially susceptible to diseases or sores, and the issues can cause immense pain and difficulty in eating. Likewise pain in the jaw may be an indicator of a broken or dislocated bone that needs to be repaired or referred to a specialist. Typically treatment of the gums includes using a specialized rinse or taking an antibiotic.

There are plenty of emergencies that can arise in the body, but health of the teeth is especially important to a person’s quality of life. The emergency dentist in Cliffwood can fix almost any issue, but it’s also up to individuals to practice proper preventative measures as well. Brushing and flossing are obvious tasks, but people should also remember to be aware of what foods they eat and to wear protective devices such as mouth guards when partaking in physical activities.

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