It Is Not Only Adolescents That Can Wear Braces

by | Feb 13, 2021 | Cosmetic Dentistry

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It’s been long thought that any braces are strictly for kids and adolescents. This is far from the truth; many adults can also be fitted with braces in Chicago, Il. With the popularity of cosmetic dentistry, straightening the teeth and fixing the bite is often an integral part of that which is done to create the perfect smile.

Not every adult can wear braces; the orthodontist will have to perform a thorough examination first to determine if the patient is suitable or not. During this initial consultation, the orthodontist can answer any and all questions you may have about braces, how long can you expect to have to wear them and the cost.

If it is found that the adult patient can have traditional metal braces fitted just as easy as they can be fitted to an adolescent patient, many adults are employed in positions where invisible aligners are the better choice. Invisible aligners do the same job as metal braces and they do it in about the same time, the difference is they are not noticeable as their metal counterpart. Invisible braces are made from custom-made clear plastic; they consist of a series of removable liner trays that move the teeth into the desired position over time.

Metal braces are adjusted every month or so to slowly move the teeth as desired by the orthodontist. In the case of invisible braces as there are no wires, a new aligner is placed every few weeks. The total number of aligners to complete the process depends on the original state of the teeth alignment and will be determined by the orthodontist using three-dimensional computer modeling. During the time required to complete the process, the wearer can remove the aligner when eating and when cleaning the teeth. This is a far better solution that metal braces which can require considerable amount of time and detail to clean them properly.

The only appliance used in the process is the aligner tray; there is no need for wires or brackets or any adjustments. Most adults who wear invisible braces in Chicago, Il find them quite comfortable to wear and far more socially acceptable.

Once the decision has been made to go ahead with invisible braces, the orthodontist will take the necessary impressions or scan and the lab will take over. In many cases the lab produces a model of the patient’s mouth and then maps the aligner on a computer to the exact specific specifications.

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