Know Your Teeth Whitening Basics

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Dentists

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In the field of cosmetic dentistry, Teeth Whitening New York City happens to be the most popular treatment ever. Well, who wouldn’t want a bright set of sparkling pearl white teeth? Having white teeth gives a person confidence, and is a sure sign of a charming personality and great personal hygiene. There are many kinds of teeth whitening solutions available, which can suit various kinds of time restrictions, personal choices and budgets. So let’s take a look at some of the most commonly available teeth whitening solutions:

Cosmetic Whitening In Office

Going for an in-office cosmetic teeth whitening solution can bring significant changes to one’s smile in a short span of time. The process includes the use of peroxide gel in high concentration. Before dentists can apply this highly concentrated gel on your teeth, they need to make sure that your gums are protected by using a rubber dam. The rubber dental dam usually comes in the form of a paint on type.

The treatment requires just several minutes, where the peroxide gel is left on in different intervals ranging from 15 to 20 minutes and add up to an hour. This treatment can cost you around $650 per visit.

The next common whitening solution is your do-it-yourself professional home cosmetic whitening sets, which are fairly easy to use.

Professional Cosmetic Whitening Take Home Sets

Many dentists believe that the professional cosmetic whitening take home sets can truly bring out desired results. These take home whitening sets have a low concentrated amount of peroxide gel, which allows you to leave it on all night. Some of these sets can even produce results within an hour. The costs associated with getting one of these take home kits ranges from $100 to $400.

Teeth Whitening Alternatives

OTC whitening products are perhaps one of the cheapest and most convenient products available for whitening or bleaching your teeth. You can easily buy these teeth whiteners from any health or departmental store. Getting an OTC kit, you find that it consists of a low concentrated peroxide gel. This gel can be applied with the help of whitening strips, applicators or even teeth trays. However, you need to be aware of the fact that some of these kits might only end up only whitening the front teeth. The cost of getting these kits ranges from $20 to $100.

When you go for such teeth whitening treatment, you must be aware that the results of these treatments can differ from person to person. It is completely based on the stubbornness of the dental stains on your teeth. There are cosmetic teeth whitening treatments that bring in immediate results, and there are those that could disappoint you. Before you venture into going for any teeth whitening treatment, you have to be sure that you don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself. Ask your dentist what the desired result would be for a specific treatment, that way you can plan your budget according to the expectations you have.

So, when you think about teeth whitening, look for treatments that are long lasting as well as understand the type of precautions you may need to take for the treatment to have greater results.


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