Possible Complications of Dental Implants in Newcastle

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Dental

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Complications in implantology hover around 3 percent. Of course, this does not mean that the implant, itself, is the reason behind the complication. Poor technique, poor materials or technology can also make the percentage increase. However, most cases see situations where the implant can be replaced. Complications concerning Dental Implants in Newcastle can be classified into three types:

* Early failures: relating to implant placement or during the process of integration

* Late failures: given in relation to when the implants are put on

* Loosening of the crown: breakage of the bolts or excessive loads

After placing an implant, dentists have a clear goal, which is to rehabilitate and replace the part or parts lost. Most often, dental providers will see a loosening of the crown more than anything else. A crown, or cap, will remain attached to the implant by means of a pillar. This crown has a screw that connects the prosthetic abutment to the implant. Sometimes this can come loose, mainly due to chewing and normal wear. All dentists have to do is re-tighten the attachment. You should never try and do this yourself!

Another complication professionals at Dentistry might see is the breakage of the bolt that connects the crown to the implant. This is a very rare complication that has a simple solution. Dentists will change out the attachment for another one. The greatest difficulty lies in extracting the broken bolt. However, with today’s increasing technology, there are kits that help providers recover broken bolts.

Another complication that can arise in the long term is excessive loading. Loads receiving implant rehabilitation are transferred to the bone, in one way or another, depending on the size of the implant, the surface characteristics, and the quality of bone. The response of the peri-implant tissue may result in impairing all the surrounding tissue, therefore damaging the integration. However, this complication is easily solvable.

If there is any concerns or questions about Dental Implants at Dentistry, you should seek a consultation. There is only one way to prevent having to get implants and that is proper oral hygiene. Sometimes that is not possible because accidents can happen. Dental Implants in Newcastle can help you get the smile you wanted quick and painlessly. For more information, contact your local dentist today.

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