Preparing for Your First Appointment With a Peoria Orthodontist

After learning that you need braces, you’ll need to make an appointment with an orthodontist. This appointment will likely be very detailed with instructions about how to take care of your braces so that you get the results that you desire. Here are a few things that you could expect.


One of the first things that an orthodontist near Peoria, AZ, will likely do is take a few X-rays of your mouth. This will help determine the positioning of your teeth so that the best treatment plan can be made and is quick and easy.


Once all of your information has been reviewed and your teeth have been examined, then a plan will be made that can deliver the best results. An experienced orthodontist near Peoria, AZ, will discuss how long you might need to wear braces and if any modifications could be needed over the course of your treatment once your teeth begin shifting into place.

Asking Questions

During the first appointment, you want to ask as many questions as you can think of so that you’re prepared for when the brackets are placed and the wires are put through the brackets as this will likely be done at your next appointment. Make a list of questions that you have before you arrive for your appointment as this can make it easier to remember details that you want to discuss. One important question to ask is how you’ll be able to pay for your braces as most offices accept insurance plans while others will accept a payment plan with the office as well.