Procedures Carried Out by a Cosmetic Dentist in Markesan WI

Facial beauty is of no value when the teeth are in bad condition. In this regard, people do whatever it takes to enhance their smiles and dental health. A cosmetic dentist in Markesan WI can readily take care of various tooth problems by applying the procedures below.

Tooth decay treatment

Decay or rotting of teeth is caused by bacteria which weaken the incisors and infect the gum. The condition is common for both children and adults who eat a lot of sugary junk. The dentists take care of the problem by sensitizing the benefits of maintaining proper dental hygiene. They recommend brushing your teeth in the morning and before sleeping as well as the use of mouthwash to kill germs.

Teeth whitening

Teeth may discolor due to poor dental hygiene, smoking. Similarly, consuming water with a lot of fluorides causes browning. Cosmetic dentists, therefore, use bleach to whiten the teeth so they appear cleaner and healthier.

Dental implants

At times, people lose their teeth due to old age or disease. Luckily, Silver Creek dentistry professionals restore a good smile by replacing the lost teeth with dentures. These are artificial teeth that are inserted surgically.

Periodontal surgery

The procedure involves removal of gum tissue and the correction of gum abnormalities. This creates ideal dental structure and frame resulting to a perfect smile.

Composite bonding

The procedure involves filling of cavities and cracks on the teeth. Cavities are spaces that form in the teeth causing sensitivity and discomfort. Dentists fill the gaps using porcelain similar to the color of the incisors to maintain a natural look. Indirect filling may also be done as in the case of inlays and outlays. Porcelain is still used as a filler, but it is first prepared in the laboratory and fitted in the teeth.

Tooth alignment

The dentists reshape the teeth and align them well using other procedures such as surgery or braces. Clients should, therefore, find out more about the options from the doctors before undergoing the procedures.

A Cosmetic dentist in Markesan WI will perform all the procedures above to enhance the smile and teeth appearance. Visit and find out more about cosmetic dentistry procedures.