Professional Teeth Whitening in Edison Is Much More Effective Than At Home Kits

Though having a bright white smile is important in today’s society, many people hesitate to seek out professional whitening because of the cost of having it done seems like a lot in comparison to the kits that you can buy in any drug store nowadays. There certainly is no shortage of products claiming to give you a perfect Hollywood smile, but can the results really compare to getting professional Teeth Whitening in Edison?

The cost of some of the at home kits can be quite expensive and while they say that they use the same ingredients as the ones used by professionals and that may be true, the concentrations are a lot lower than what your dentist will use when you get Teeth Whitening in Edison, and you could have to do many treatments before you even start to see results, which can be expensive and time consuming as well.

Another thing to think about is that there could be side effects when using any type of teeth whitening treatment, whether at home or at the dentist. Some of the side effects are gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. Your dentist, however, will take all precautions necessary to make sure that the side effects are minimal when you Get Professional Teeth Whitening in Edison.

For example, when using an at home kit, the whitening agent used will not only touch your teeth but your gums and other tissue in the mouth as well. A dentist has the proper tools that will prep the teeth so that they can absorb the whitening agent and also shield the gums and the rest of the mouth from being touched by the whitening solution. This can greatly minimize the gum irritation that many people experience from the whitening agent.

A professional treatment as performed by a Cosmetic Dentist can also be done in under an hour. Some of the do it yourself kits can require you to wear the strips or trays for hours at a time, even overnight, and what you may end up with is sore gums and sensitive teeth that aren’t much whiter than when you started. So talk to your dentist today about what options there are for whitening your teeth. You may be surprised to find out how affordable and quick getting it done professionally can be. Click here for more.