Professional Versus Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Dental Care

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If you are getting ready for a special event, you are probably trying to think of ways that you can look your best. Besides working out, getting your hair done and getting a new outfit, you may also think of your smile. A great way to look picture-ready with a fabulous smile is to ensure your teeth are brilliantly white. If you have turned to an over-the-counter solution, you may have found your results unimpressive. There is a good reason that over-the-counter options simply do not give the results that our in-office Teeth Whitening in Lincoln Square does. Here are a few of the key differences.

First, in-office whitening uses a stronger solution than what you could ever find at your local drugstore. We can use a stronger solution because we can use it safely, applying it precisely and carefully to your teeth so that it does not get on your gums. When teeth whitening solution gets on your gums, you will find that it produces irritation and sensitivity. We can ensure that does not happen.

Second, we will help you achieve a natural color. With a drugstore version, you are at the mercy of the box. However, we will look at your skin tone, and help you achieve believable results. We can get your teeth several shades whiter in only one appointment versus the one shade whiter that you can usually expect with over-the-counter brands.

As you can see, professional Teeth Whitening in Lincoln Square is far preferable to anything that you could do on your own. We invite you to call us, stop into our office at Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square or check us out online at today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our cosmetic services.

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