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by | Oct 10, 2018 | Dental

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When you have yellow discolorations on your teeth, it is possible to undergo a teeth-whitening procedure. A dentist in Wrigleyville can use specialized chemicals on your teeth to lift the stains. This process requires protecting your dental restorations before the strong hydrogen peroxide solution is applied to each tooth. After the dentist injects water into your mouth, a bubbling reaction occurs that eradicates the discolorations from your teeth. This process lasts for approximately one hour, but if you follow your dentist’s advice, then you will enjoy the benefits of having whiter teeth for up to one year.

Replace Metal Fillings

If you have old metallic fillings in your teeth, then a dentist in Wrigleyville can remove the items from your teeth. After the fillings are removed, the dentist mixes a color-matching resin to insert into the cavities. As the resins dry, the materials will look natural in your mouth, causing less embarrassment as you talk and smile. Replacing older fillings offers additional benefits, including reducing the toxicity from the leaching metals, but you also won’t need to worry as much about having an old filling falling out while you are eating tough foods.

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A dentist in Wrigleyville can improve the appearance of a tooth that has a chip or crack. In addition to applying a liquid bonding material to a tooth to hide small problems, you can have a veneer or crown customized for a damaged tooth. Dental crowns are made to cover an entire tooth, but you may need a root canal procedure first. A veneer is a thin porcelain cover that is attached to the front of a tooth to hide its defects. For additional information about improving your teeth, contact Northalsted Dental Spa with our website at

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