Root Canal – What Is This Process, Who Needs It, and Who Can Do It

When a tooth is badly decayed, a root canal is a procedure used to save it. The procedure involves removing the pulp and nerve of the tooth, cleaning the tooth inside, and then sealing it. If left untreated, the decayed tooth can lead to abscesses and gum infection. If you think you need to have a root canal in Chicago, Chicago Dental Arts can help you.

The Process of a Root Canal

The main process of a root canal involves removing the pulp or nerve tissue. The nerve tissue needs to be removed because it is a breeding ground for bacteria. If you leave your decayed tooth as it is, the nerve tissue will start to abscess, and the infection can lead to gum infection and toothache pain.

Who Needs a Root Canal?

Before deciding to do a root canal, your dentist will have to do an X-ray first. The X-ray will show if there are infections near the affected area. If it is infected, your dentist will then proceed with the root canal procedure.

The X-ray results will also determine the real condition of the nerve or pulp of the affected area. If the X-ray shows an infected pulp, your dentist will recommend a root canal to prevent further damage.

Who Can Do It?

Having a root canal in Chicago can be done by a dentist or an endodontist. If you are still looking for a dentist to trust, you can start by checking their clinic, their background, and history, and what their patients say about them. You can also check their facility and if they have any of the latest dental equipment that can make your root canal less painful. You can also check for their pricing.

A root canal is a procedure done to prevent further complications. Do not just let any dentist do it for you, choose a dental clinic or a dentist with a trustworthy background and complete equipment to do the procedure. Contact Chicago Dental Arts today to make an appointment.