Seeing an Emergency Dentist in Cape May Because of Periodontal Disease

by | Feb 28, 2014 | Dental Care

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Periodontal disease is a generic term for loss of teeth, the first symptom of which is red gums (also known as gingivitis). Inflamed gums and painful teeth are easy to notice, but this is only after they become this way. The symptoms gradually worsen over time, prompting you to possibly see an Emergency Dentist in Cape May. Good daily oral hygiene and regular dental checkups can go a long way in helping you fight periodontal disease.

Harmful effects of periodontal issues

Periodontal disease not only threatens your dental health, but it also represent a hazard to general health. Dentists are far from having identified all adverse effects associated with periodontal disease, whose effects on health could express themselves in unexpected areas. Numerous studies have published highlights of the impacts of periodontal disease, one of which is the effect of intellectual performance. One study focused on people over 60 years of age.

For these people, tests have been performed to assess their intellectual performance. At the same time, experts assayed the biological markers of periodontal disease, mainly specific oral bacterium. Persons for whom the marker of periodontal disease was measured at higher rates were less efficient than those with low levels. Performance is lower for people with receding gums in two out of three tests. Seeing an Emergency Dentist in Cape May is important to stop receding gums or the symptoms associated with it.

Periodontal disease: Loosening of intellectual performance

This work corroborates other studies where people whose periodontal was put into perspective with alertness. Like the other study, this one finds a correlation between the periodontal state and the sharpness of intellectual functions. In other words, mental alertness decreases as the condition of the gums and bone deteriorates due to periodontal disease.

Your Emergency Dentist may tell you that, “to keep fit as a fiddle with age,” it is necessary to include dental health as one of your top health priorities. You should be aware that brushing alone eliminates only half of bacterial plaque. It is deposited with predilection in the spaces between the teeth or interdental spaces. Only floss or interdental brushes (if large areas) can remove plaque responsible for periodontal disease. Red gums that bleed chronically is the first warning sign of periodontal disease. For more information on how an Emergency Dentist in Cape May can help you, contact your local dentist today.


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