State Of The Art Technology to Help You Qualify For the HITECH Act Incentives

by | Jun 25, 2012 | Dentists

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The HITECH Act or the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act requires that all physicians, dentists or other medical professionals maintain the records of all patients electronically. This act is aimed at making meaningful use of Electronic Health Records so that the details of every patient, treatment and the health progress can be maintained digitally and accessed from anywhere by any certified health professional.  This act has some immensely helpful implications in terms of patient treatment as well as improvement in Healthcare Technologies.  On an immediate effect, complying with the HITECH Act makes the healthcare professionals eligible for Medicare incentives.

The first step towards becoming eligible for these incentives under the HITECH Act is to get you a certified medical or dental Technology System.  Pretty obviously, you need a Technology System in order to be able to maintain Electronic Health records.  This is where the role of your dental technology provider comes in.  You need to equip yourself and your office with state of the art technology solutions that enable you to maintain electronic records of your patients at every stage of their health progress.

Technology Systems to Help You Comply With HITECH Act

You need to approach your Medical Technology provider and talk to a consultant in detail about the kind of technology solutions and equipment you are going to require in order to be eligible for incentives under the HITECH act.  No matter what you need, is it computers, servers or Internet installations, your trusted technology provider should be able to take care of it all.  Ask about getting yourself multiple modular systems that allow you to meet the stage one man stage to requirements of the HITECH act.  The other option is to go directly to the EHR System.  This allows you to make one singular transition from paperwork to electronic records management.  Your medical or dental technology provider will help you choose the right option for you and install whatever Technology Solutions you will require in this regard.

Benefits of Maintaining EHR Compliance with HITECH Act

Maintaining electronic health records or EHRs has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry by centering it on patient welfare.  By maintaining EHRs, patient records can be made available anywhere and at any time they are required.  This way, any changes that need to be made to the treatment updated electronically allowing everybody to access them.  This makes the entire treatment procedure much more convenient for the patient and much more informative for the doctors.  Complying with the HITECH Act can improve the scope of healthcare industry in the favor of patience as well as medical professionals.

Get cutting edge technology solutions and make yourself eligible for incentives under the HITECH Act.

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